My Cancer is an educational resource for cancer patients and their caregivers, sponsored by Caris Life Sciences®. The site is designed to provide information about molecular profiling, cancer biomarkers and the transformation of cancer treatment through emerging research.










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I’ve Just Been Diagnosed

You’re at the beginning of your journey — probably overwhelmed, but optimistic. There’s a lot of information to take in — what is cancer, how is it affecting me, how can I fight it? — and you want to make sure you start on the right path as quickly as possible.

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I’ve Started Treatment

You’re making every effort to get well — maybe feeling a little rundown from treatment, but staying positive. You already know the basics about cancer treatment, but you may wonder if your treatment is going as well as it should, or if there’s anything more you could be doing.

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I’m Seeking New Options

You’ve come a long way down your treatment path, but treatments have either stopped working for you or none have worked yet. But you’re far from ready to give up hope and have started aggressively researching new options.

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