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Talk to your doctor to take the next step.

Molecular profiling to identify cancer biomarkers has the potential to identify new treatment options for certain cancers. However, as with any treatment selection, you and your oncologist will need to work together to figure out what will work best for you.

Your oncologist may choose your treatment based on treatment guidelines without checking the biomarker profile of your tumor — you may need to get proactive to both introduce the subject and ask your doctor to help you investigate further.

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Unfortunately, biomarker analysis won’t always find treatment options for everyone, so remember: While it’s always good to be proactive and bring up new treatment options, your doctor might not think biomarker analysis is a good option in your case.

Could biomarkers change the way your cancer is treated?

Single biomarker tests may be available at the cancer centers or hospitals in your area, but there are currently few resources available that offer comprehensive tumor profiling to identify biomarkers that have been associated with certain therapies on the market.

Learn more about molecular profiling from your doctor.

Talk with your doctor to find out if molecular profiling is a good option to get information that may inform your cancer treatment.

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