Molecular Profiling Considerations

Physician Support

If you are interested in learning about whether you may benefit from molecular profiling, you can start by speaking with your oncologist about this possibility. Patients cannot order molecular profiling tests for themselves, but you can be proactive about broaching this subject with your doctor. Caris maintains an online physician directory which lists oncologists that have ordered the Caris Molecular Intelligence® tumor profiling service in the past.

Clinical Considerations

In order to run molecular profiling tests, your oncologist will need a sample from a biopsy of your tumor, or a blood sample if you have a hematologic (blood-based) cancer. Your oncologist may have already saved a sample that is ready and available to send for profiling. If not, you will need to go to your oncologist for another biopsy.

Financial Considerations

The financial burden of cancer care can be overwhelming at times. Speak to your care providers about financial hardship discounts and payment plans to learn about financial services and resources that may be available to you. While most insurance plans cover Caris molecular testing, we have additional financial assistance programs for patients that provide added financial flexibility.