Rare or Aggressive Cancer

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Find Rare or Aggressive Cancer Treatment Options with Molecular Profiling

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with a rare or aggressive cancer, or if your cancer has already metastasized (spread to other parts of your body), managing your disease can be very different than it is in patients diagnosed with common cancers. In cases of rare or aggressive cancers, standard treatment options can be limited or become ineffective at slowing the progression of disease. Don’t be discouraged. There may be other tools in the fight against cancer that can steer you in a new and promising direction.

If you have a rare or aggressive cancer, molecular profiling can be an important tool for you and your oncologist to develop a treatment plan. By examining your cancer’s molecular profile, your oncologist is given a very detailed look at its molecular make-up and can begin to understand its unique characteristics, focusing specifically on the biomarkers found within your tumor or blood/tissue sample. These biomarkers help physicians better understand how your cancer behaves, why it may be aggressive, why it may be difficult to treat, and which treatments it is likely to respond to.