The Role of Clinical Trials

How Promising New Drugs Are Tested and Progress Against Cancer is Made

Clinical Trials and Rare or Aggressive Cancer Treatment

Your molecular profiling results may suggest one or more FDA-approved treatments that have been shown to be effective against your cancer’s biomarkers. If no approved treatment is available, or if previous treatments have not been effective, your doctor may refer you to a clinical trial of an experimental treatment. Clinical trials provide access to some of the newest cancer therapies in development, and are closely managed under the strict supervision of leading oncologists and cancer treatment centers.

There are a number of resources you can use to find a clinical trial that is relevant to your cancer diagnosis. One resource,, provides information on all ongoing trials in the United States. Another free service, the Caris Clinical Trial Solutions, is designed to find the most appropriate clinical trial for you, based on the information you provide about your disease. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, speak with your oncologist to see if you may be eligible.