Caris Molecular Intelligence

Clinically Actionable and Individualized Treatment Information to Personalize Cancer Care

Personalized Cancer Care with Molecular Profiling

Advances in molecular profiling have made it possible to identify biomarkers in a tumor sample, and for doctors to use an individual patient’s biomarker profile to select personalized treatment options they may not have previously considered. And the good news is, the age of molecular profiling isn’t in some far-off future: with Caris Molecular Intelligence® services from Caris Life Sciences®, it’s already possible for your doctor to use the very latest cancer biomarker research to choose treatments that are likely to work against your cancer.

The first of its kind, Caris Molecular Intelligence is a unique tool that combines comprehensive tumor testing with the latest clinical research on biomarkers to provide your doctor with timely information to evaluate potential treatment options. Better information can lead to better treatment decisions.

How does Caris Molecular Intelligence work?

Using a sample from a biopsy of your tumor (or from your blood or other bodily fluids), Caris Molecular Intelligence services runs a series of advanced pathology and molecular profiling tests to identify the unique biomarkers of your cancer.

The results of these tests are your cancer’s specific cancer biomarkers, which are then matched with published research by the world’s leading cancer researchers to identify which treatments are likely (or not likely) to lead to a positive response, based on the presence of those biomarkers. A list of positively and negatively associated treatments is provided to your doctor in the form of a report. Your doctor can then use this report to personalize your treatment plan by selecting treatments tailored to your tumor’s unique molecular characteristics.

Screenshot of Sample MI Profile Report

Who can benefit from tumor profiling with Caris Molecular Intelligence?

Molecular profiling with Caris Molecular Intelligence can be performed at any point after a cancer diagnosis. It can be particularly valuable for people who have run out of standard treatment options, for those with rare or aggressive cancer, or if there are multiple treatment options available for that type of cancer. Caris Molecular Intelligence can help patients and their doctors navigate the options available and sometimes find new options. To learn more, talk to your doctor, visit, or find a tumor profiling specialist in your area.

Caris Molecular Intelligence provides evidence-based tumor information that associates biomarker status with agents with potential clinical benefit or potential lack of clinical benefit. Agents associated with clinical benefit are presented based on NCCN Compendium™ inclusion, relevance of tumor type, level of published evidence, and strength of biomarker expression. Report information must be considered in conjunction with all other relevant information with respect to a given patient before determining the appropriate course of treatment. The selection of agents for re-treatment from prior chemotherapy regimens lies with the treating physician and must be done with careful consideration. Caris Molecular Intelligence was developed and its performance characteristics were determined by Caris Life Sciences, a medical laboratory CLIA-certified in compliance with the U.S. Clinical Laboratory Amendment Act of 1988 and all relevant U.S. state regulations. Caris Molecular Intelligence has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Please consult your physician to determine if Caris Molecular Intelligence® is right for you.