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Today, we are on the cusp of change in the way cancer is treated. Advances in understanding of how cancer behaves at the molecular level are helping oncologists learn to treat cancer “smarter.” More and more, doctors are using research advances to personalize treatment options for individual patients, based on increased understanding of the unique disease markers in each patient’s cancer.

Learn how comprehensive molecular profiling can lead to effective, personalized treatment options for your cancer.


Who Should Use MyCancer?


Cancer Patients

Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or have been down the path before, MyCancer is designed to help you find more answers


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The battle against cancer with a loved one requires a strong support network. Learn what you can do at various stages



Whether you're a primary care physician or seasoned oncologist, precision medicine is constantly evolving. Learn how to have the conversation with your patients

About MyCancer

MyCancer is an educational resource for cancer patients and their caregivers, sponsored by Caris Life Sciences®. The site is designed to provide information about molecular profiling, cancer biomarkers and the transformation of cancer treatment through emerging research.

More treatment options can potentially mean more time with those who are most important.